This Present Hope – Our Story

Hello! We are the Piazza family, and in 2017 we came to learn first-hand how powerful the word hope can be. Our lives had been that of a pretty typical family. Tim was working as an elementary school principal at a Christian school; and I was working part time as an Emergency Room nurse but was primarily a stay at home mom to our son who was then a toddler. 

In August of that year, I gave birth to a baby girl who’s arrival seemed to bring us to the very pinnacle of joy. By all accounts, she appeared perfectly healthy at birth; however, when she was ten weeks old, our family was transformed overnight. Some changes in our daughter Colette’s behavior led to a brain scan that revealed a cancerous brain tumor. Our world grew dark very quickly, and we began earnestly searching for hope.

Grateful for A Great Team

We soon came to realize that our daughter could not be in better hands medically. The team that cared for her was skilled, compassionate and, quite honestly, wonderful. As we journeyed with Colette through surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and therapies, we were continually surrounded by those who knew how to give hope to physical suffering. Yet, it became obvious that physical suffering is not the only source of pain during long seasons of crisis. 

The soul suffers as well. There is emotional pain that can be far more difficult to address and to heal. The soul needs hope just as much as the body. In the midst of the darkness of those days, we found that we had that hope through Jesus Christ. Through our relationship with Him, we were able to bear the sorrow, the fear, and the hurts that came with loving and caring for a child with a complex medical journey.

Colors for Colette

Following the loss of our daughter in 2019, we began working on a fundraising event called Colors for Colette in order to provide physical support to families who were facing similar challenges to the one we went through. Though we found great joy in the success of Colors for Colette, we yearned for a way to help hurting families with their emotional needs as well. This Present Hope grew out of that desire. Through This Present Hope, we seek to alleviate some of the suffering that goes on in the mind and in the soul… the kind that goes on behind closed doors, when the world is still but the mind is not. We are here to fight that suffering by giving hope.

Now the hope we have to offer here at This Present Hope is not a mere fingers-crossed, wish-upon-a-star type of hope but a concrete, assured hope. It is a hope that rests in truth and can anchor a person in the midst of any storm. We are here to offer the hope God offers humanity through His Word the Bible. This type of hope is not a quick fix. It is not something that a person can inhale and find instantaneous transformation. It’s a hope that enters slowly but has the ability to transform completely. It is powerful but not passive. It is a hope that requires effort and dedication, and yet it is a hope that is worth every effort because it cannot fade or be taken away. We are here to offer this hope…This Present Hope. May God bless you in your journey to Hope.