Past Colors for Colette Events


A year of leaps and bounds in every area. The 2023 Colors for Colette event had more artists, more talent, more fun and — most importantly — raised more funds!!! A total of $32,000 was raised for UH Rainbow. With $25,000 Colors for Colette opened a permanent pediatric oncology research account with UH Rainbow and Case Western Reserves. The remaining $7,000 was divided between the Pediatric Intensive Care and Oncology Units of UH Rainbow to provide immediate needs of patients and their families. 



A day of color, sunshine and HOPE! Breath-taking chalk designs covered the sidewalks in front of UH Rainbow, and a grand total of $20,000 was raised. $15,000 was donated to the Pediatric Oncology Research Department at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. While $5,000 worth of toys and equipment was divided between UH Rainbow’s Pediatric Oncology and Intensive Care units.


Our first official event, held on the very day of Colette’s birthday!! Over 200 sidewalk squares decorated. $14,000 raised for Pediatric Oncology Research. $2,000 dollars worth of toys donated to the Rainbow’s Inpatient Oncology Unit. $2,000 dollars worth of toys donated to the Rainbow’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.


Our first mini-scale version of the Colors for Colette!! Because of COVID-19 we weren’t able to launch full-scale so family and friends decorated their driveways and sidewalks and the pictures were shared.