Past Colors for Colette Events

2022  | 

A day of color, sunshine and HOPE! Breath-taking chalk designs covered the sidewalks in front of UH Rainbow, and a grand total of $20,000 was raised. $15,000 was donated to the Pediatric Oncology Research Department at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. While $5,000 worth of toys and equipment was divided between UH Rainbow’s Pediatric Oncology and Intensive Care units.

2021  |

Our first official event, held on the very day of Colette’s birthday!! Over 200 sidewalk squares decorated. $14,000 raised for Pediatric Oncology Research. $2,000 dollars worth of toys donated to the Rainbow’s Inpatient Oncology Unit. $2,000 dollars worth of toys donated to the Rainbow’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

2020  |

Our first mini-scale version of the Colors for Colette!! Because of COVID-19 we weren’t able to launch full-scale. Instead, family and friends decorated their driveways and sidewalks and the pictures were shared.