Rainbow Babies - Colors for Colette

Colors for Colette & Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital

Colors for Colette is dedicated to improving the care of the most vulnerable children among us. To do so, we aim for immediate and long-lasting improvements. By funding Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital’s pediatric intensive care and oncology units we provide immediate improvement to the care a child receives.

How We Help

We supply baby swings, Play-Doh, Legos, nail polish, cozy blankets and more. In addition, we fill hospital cupboards with tough-day-pick-me-ups and end-of-chemo surprises. We want kids and families to know that right here, right now they are loved. But we don’t stop there. By funding the pediatric cancer research at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital we seek to find answers, cures and solutions to the life-threatening dangers faced by a child with cancer. We engage in the fight for life, for quality of life, for families… for hope. We want to thank you for joining us in this mission by donating today. Thank you for standing with these children, with these families. And thank you for being an instrument of hope!