Our Hope for You Through Your Heartache

Welcome to our Hope for You page! We know that your story is unique. We know that your pain is real. This portion of our website is dedicated to reminding you that you are not alone. Nor is your story without hope. We encourage you to first take your time and read through the section entitled “Where is God in my Heartache?”. It was written to address some of the bigger questions that suffering brings up. We hope that it gives you some direction as you continue to work through your heartache. You may also enjoy reading through some of the blog posts on our This Present Hope blog. Our blog is updated monthly. It is always centered on facing the real pain around us through the strength of the real hope within us. 

Finally, for further encouragement, we invite you to check out our Recommended Reads page. This section gives a short but powerful list of books that can alter the way you view and face the pain in your life. Once again, we are so thankful that you have allowed us to be part of your journey through heartache. We pray that your heart will be able to rest, even just for a while, as you breathe the oxygen of hope.


What do you do when fear wants to rule your life after loss? How do you find freedom when anxiety threatens to steal your peace?