Resources for Suffering and Heartache

Trusting God

Trusting God: Even when Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges

Apart from the Bible, I know of no other book more powerful and foundational for a time of heartbreak. This book dives right into the heart of the inner struggle within every hurting soul: “If God is good… why?”. One of the great resources for the suffering, this book addresses the tough issues biblically in an easy-to-read, everyday conversational tone.  

I read this book for the first time while Colette was in the hospital for her month-long treatments of chemotherapy. I remember reading it slowly and intently, taking notes and writing questions in a pink pen in the margins. Working through the book gave me peace and clarity that then carried me through the remainder of my journey with Colette. It is a priceless book that I recommend to every believer, but more earnestly to those who are suffering.

Suffering is Never for Nothing

Suffering is Never for Nothing by Elisabeth Elliot

Astounding, insightful and not very long! This book was originally a lecture that has since been turned into a book. You may recognize the author of the book as the wife of Jim Elliot. This pioneering missionary to Ecuador was brutally murdered by the Auca Indians. Elisabeth’s gifted story-telling leads readers through many practical aspects of suffering and of living a life of meaning in spite of broken dreams and a broken heart.

I first listened to this book in audio form and was mesmerized by the message. I found myself several times frozen by Elisabeth’s words. She is a woman who is well “acquainted with sorrow” yet has found great well-springs of hope. Truly a gem for any one desiring to learn how to continue on in spite of great sorrow.

Dark Clouds Deep Mercy

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament by Mark Vroegop

A uniquely, wonderful book centered on the often neglected topic of lament. This book welcomes readers to embrace the biblical model for sorrow, combating the faulty concept that “good Christians never stop smiling”. It carefully lays out the path God has given His children to sorrow deeply, yet to do so while clinging to hope. Also one of the wonderful resources for the suffering.

I read this book several months after the loss of my daughter. I felt as though it was a book that met me sorrow-for-sorrow while not leaving me in that sorrow. To those who are struggling with anger, bitterness and confusion, I highly recommend this book. It is helpful in learning about how to handle the suffering biblically. God truly has given us all we need even for the most painful circumstances in life, and lament is His gift to the broken.


Victorious: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey through the Valley of the Shadow by Katie Piazza

This is our story… the story of my daughter Colette and her twenty-one-and-half months of impact. The story is primarily told through my journal entries written during my time with Colette. The book ushers readers right into my heart to experience the joys, to navigate through the struggles and to continually pursue a victory. A hope through Jesus Christ. While the book is an authentic window into the life of a family touched by heartache, it is also a story of hope, beauty and growth. My prayer has always been that the book will meet the broken hearted where they are and will help them continue in their own unique journey towards victory.